Some of us like the raw Grained look-feel of the classic leather and some prefer the elegant-delicate feel of the Oil-Pull-Up leather.
What if there was a leather that had all the best features of the both these leathers?
What if a leather had the mesmerizing oil retention property in the organic grain textured layer?
In November 2020, we partnered up with two best leather engineers of Bangladesh with a hope of developing our version of the Perfect Leather- ‘a natural grained leather with mesmerizing oil retention property.’ After lots of trial and error we finally have found it. The leather that has all the best characteristics a perfect leather should have –
– Oil Pull Up and oil retention property.
– Natural grain.
– Great scratch resistance.
– Superb ageing property with use.
– Breathtaking color tone.
– Harmless to the environment.

The brand new Grained Oil Pull Up Leather of WildWoven will make you fall in love at first sight. The micro contrast duo tone shades due to the organic oil in the natural grain of the leather is something that is unprecedented. In the developing process we also partnered up with the best chemical company of the world, the Alpa Chemical of Italy to make sure the leather is harmless to nature and people in every possible way.

Every single product we are making with this leather is unique due to the organic oil color and shading. With use, the organic oil in the leather will adopt your characteristics and will shine with ageing. Unlike any material in the world this leather will feel like a living thing with sophisticated characteristics of its own.
We are hoping this leather and all our products will make you proud of our own identity and root, like us.
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