Speaking through our products – it starts with highest quality original leather, which are Made to Last.

Consciously collected raw materials from reliable sources for making the most luxurious goods is the very first step of creating awesomeness. Unconditional love for longevity and patina (a gloss or sheen on leather surface resulting from ageing and use) made us devoted to the highest quality of raw materials.

You would feel all the features of a premium quality original leather in our every products like a porous look and fine lines on the surface, a distinctive organic odor and a rugged suede-like underside. All our products become more beautiful and interesting with age, the more you use the more it acquires a unique character all its own.

genuine leather bd


Every handmade product of ours has a certain aura, confidence and content. It’s not attention grabbing but you will find people noticing it.

Owning a true handcrafted leather product will make you proud and confident as well as creative and unique. WildWoven’s passion is all about authenticity and uniqueness; by creating a carefully handcrafted, timeless leather pieces. Each and every handcrafted product is a blending piece of our emotion and hard work.

We create love in our every products which preserve these trades and traditions that are expressed through our handmade goods.


“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

Agree or not, we are at the edge of an environmental doomsday and it is high time for everyone of us to be conscious and act responsibly to save our planet from the catastrophe before it’s too late. That’s why at WildWoven, sustainability is the heart of everything we do.

All our leathers are sustainably produced or rescued from tanneries that were developed for international luxury brands and ended up unused due to their unsustainable business model. This way we avoid overproduction and also ensure that you will have a very limited luxury item, made of sustainably sourced materials to cause as less harm as possible to nature and its inhabitants.


With every purchase of yours with WildWoven, the money you are paying is going straight for the livelihood of a local family or educating a child rather ending up at buying a luxurious car for some random business person in China or Europe.

Our deeply rooted commitment of respecting and protecting our planet and the local economy by creating eco friendly accessories underlines the philosophy- ”doing good can look as good as it feels”. We want everyone to be aware of the fact that each purchasing decision we are making is affecting the planet and people surrounding us. When you decide to buy a sustainably designed product, you are supporting one of the most important causes of all.

Saving our future!